What is a Photo Optic device?
Our Photo Optic Product line includes several groups:

  • Patriot-2: Designed to Travel with a Moving Object
  • Rebel: Stationary Single Beam Photo Eye
  • Invisi-Guard-2: Stationary Single Beam Photo Eye
  • Light Curtain: Stationary Multi-beam
  • Custom Solutions

All of our photo optic products utilize thru-beam technology.

Why Thru Beam Technology?
Thru beam technology utilizes a transmitting and a receiving unit. These separate units are mounted opposite each other. The sending unit emits an infrared beam of light. The receiving unit detects the light beam. An interruption of the light beam blocks reception and causes the unit to send a signal to motor controls to stop or reverse operation. Thru beam technology is considered to be more reliable than reflective photo optics. A reflective system reflects light back to the emitter and is susceptible to false signals  created by reflective surfaces such as polished wheels or bumpers.

Where can Photo Optics be used?
Anywhere that you want an interrupted beam of light to send a signal! Common applications include:

  • Motorized Door or Gate
  • Elevator Doors
  • Perimeter Machine Guarding
  • Counting